Learn Spoken Japanese via Skype

Absolute Beginning Level - Private Course

This language level is for people who can't speak any Japanese.

These lessons are great for everyone going to live and work in Japan. In other words, people who want to and need to speak Japanese.

All students will learn to speak Japanese through live sessions with a friendly New Zealand tutor via Skype.

Through interacting with the teacher, even a complete beginner will soon understand and speak Japanese.

You will be actively asking and answering questions, following directions and talking about the things you come across in daily life - all in Japanese.

This course teaches spoken Japanese only, not Japanese writing. It's logically organised to make Japanese easy to learn and understand. If you're worried that you're not a very good learner, this is the course for you! Your progress will be obvious to everyone, including yourself, lesson by lesson

Adults lessons last around 60 minutes.

20 Hour Rugby Theme Course for Professional Players and Staff - Private Course

Professional rugby players and staff should grab this shorter 20 hour rugby-oriented spoken Japanese course. Really useful before you get to Japan to join your professional team mates in the Japanese Top League. This shorter course teaches rugby words and the common questions you'll want to ask. You'll learn to speak the language you need to enjoy your rugby life in Japan. Become a great team member both on and off the field. If you have little confidence about learning Japanese, this is the course for you. Later, you'll be able to join your family members and friends in the full course. The full course is useful for greater confidence in daily life, traveling, and making friends in Japan.

If you can, learn more than once a week. Little and often is best for learning Japanese.

Japanese Language Tutor via Skype

Tutor and Tuition Details

Tutor's Experience:

(Douglas Corin)
I have nearly 30 years experience in teaching and tutoring in Japan, New Zealand and Australia. I lived in Japan for about 15 years, and am married to a Japanese.

I have a Teaching diploma as a High School teacher of Japanese. I really enjoy seeing people of all ages learn to do things that they once thought were impossible for them.

Description of Japanese Tuition:

My tuition in all subjects follows the Direct Instruction method. It involves a lot of fast-paced questions and answers. I use the commercial Direct Instruction programmes. These programmes have an advantage over others. Direct Instruction programmes have already been tested on a wide variety of learners before the programmes are published. Therefore the programmes are guaranteed to work well with a wide range of abilities and levels. Learning happens much more quickly than usual.

My Japanese tuition also uses an adapted Direct Instruction language programme. Teaching is almost all in the Japanese language without using English. The lessons are designed to suit even the beginner who doesn't know any Japanese at all.

Each lesson includes a variety of speaking activities. Each lesson covers a range of topics which are built up from lesson to lesson. This helps long term memory and avoids boredom. The topics are combined in a way that brings fast learning.

Tuition is done in a comfortable, non-threatening Skype-based atmosphere.

Tuition Details

Lesson Schedule
Lessons are for 60 minutes. One lesson per week is the minimum. People who want to make faster progress can take lessons more than once per week.

I offer private lessons during the late mornings, afternoons or early evenings. If you can't make it to your lesson at your regular time, I can often work out an alternative time to suit us both.

Lessons are $65 per 60 minute lesson.

Douglas Corin
0420 427 763 Australia